Build next-generation supply chain tools for CPG brands of tomorrow.

Algoshelf is a young SaaS company building modern, intelligent demand sensing software for CPG. Planners take days, sometimes weeks to draw insights, generate aggregate forecasts - we help them do this in minutes, more accurately, with significantly fewer resources.

We use machine learning to detect patterns in demand signals, external factors, and present actionable insights for the planners. Our advanced algorithms predict future demand accurately and make granular recommendations at a store, SKU-level, daily. A simple and sleek user interface wraps all the advanced automation goodness makes analytics, sensing, and planning an intuitive exercise.

We ship new code to production every day. We build on top existing open source projects, develop our tools when needed and of course, contribute to open source as well.

In this blog, we share our learnings on software engineering, machine learning, user interface design and related topics.

You can find out more info about Algoshelf at and the team behind it.

You can are hiring for technical roles, see our careers page for more details.